Derailed: Pitchfork interviews Die Antwoord

Every so often I will be posting under the ‘Derailed’ heading. This is for posts that are outside my normal comfort area…indie rock/pop.

The Pitchfork interview with the South African rap-rave sensation/group/joke?, Die Antwoord, can speak for itself…but it seems these people take themselves very seriously.  And a film in the works?!!!

“Ninja and Yo-Landi talk about their surging fame, their idea for an upcoming Die Antwoord film, Katy Perry, smoking weed out of coconut bongs, and so much more”

The full ‘written‘ interview (via Pitchfork)

Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja (via music-addiction)

Die Antwoord – I Don’t Need You (via music-addiction)