Just A Track: Joanna Newsom – 81 & Good Intentions Paving Company

Joanna Newsom was hard to handle at first.  She was this little elfish girl from Nevada City, California that played the harp and sung 16 minute folk songs about ancient mythology in a squeaky, storytelling voice.

Their was so much hype around her that I kept coming back to try to figure it out.

It took me awhile, and seeing her open for Björk, to bring me around.  But I became a believer.

This is not music I can listen to all the time, but as Ken would say, it’s music I am glad exists. 

Joanna is a rare talent in a world where Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga can dominate the Grammys.  Here are a couple tracks from her new triple-CD release, Have One On Me, out Feb. 23rd.

Joanna Newsom – 81 (via fork/knife)

Joanna Newsom – Good Intentions Paving Company (stream via Drag City)