Retribution Gospel Choir – 2

Retribution Gospel Choir is a perfect example of why side-projects are key in the music world today.  If Alan Sparhawk had released 2 as a Low album, there would  have been fan outrage.  By releasing this album under the RGC name (even though this is essentially Low with a different drummer), Alan can experiment in actually rocking out, without ostracizing himself from his slowcore fanbase.

This is a great thing!  Because as much as I love Low, and appreciate the way they have perfected their slow/sadcore compositions, I have always wondered what it would be like if they just turned up the volume and let loose.  This album is exactly what I thought that would be.  The only thing missing here is Mimi Parker‘s unique voice…and it a big thing to miss.  I hadn’t  realized until now how much her vocals add to Low‘s sound.

If you do not know Low, check out the critically acclaimed Things We Lost In The Fire, or my personal favorite, The Great Destroyer.  If you do know Low, and would like to hear Alan‘s unique voice over some real guitar rock, check out 2.