Beach House – Teen Dream

Beach House is a dream pop band from Baltimore.  They consist of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally.  Over the past 5 years they have been praised by most in the indie rock world.  Their albums and singles consistently show up on year-end lists.  Pitchfork can’t seem to get enough of them, giving their debut album, Beach House, an 8.1 and their follow up, Devotion, an 8.5.

Teen Dream, their 3rd album, comes out tomorrow on Sub Pop and I’m sure the critics will be no less approving.  This album has taken that dream pop blueprint they have followed so impeccably and made it their own.  That’s not to say they have strayed much from their previous material, but they just sound so much like Beach House now.  After 3 albums, they have now solidified a sound of their own.  Sure,  Victoria still sounds like Niko and Cat Power…and the music now reminds me of Grizzly Bear (even though I guess it would be Grizzly Bear reminds me of Beach House)…but you would never mistake this  album for anyone but Beach House.

I have to admit I have never been a fan of Beach House before.  I did like the song Gila, but I thought most of their stuff just sounded the same.  Some of you might feel the same about this album.  But I hear something I appreciate.  I have had this album on repeat for about 2 weeks now and it relaxes me.  Put it on your headphones when you have to do something stressful like pay bills or work on your mediation statement.  I guarantee the tedious task at hand will seem less distressing.

Zebra (from Teen Dream) (via Me and All My Friends)

Gila (from Devotion 2008)