Surfer Blood – Astro Coast

There isn’t much out there about Surfer Blood.  All I really know for sure is that they are a 4-piece band from West Palm Beach, Florida.  And according to their MySpace page, they don’t surf.  They also look very young.  Other than that, all I know is their music.  And their music speaks for itself.

I think it was gorilla vs. bear that first turned me on to Surfer Blood.  They posted the single Swim.  Then their named popped up on a few other blogs, webzines, etc.  At first I wrote them off as the latest hipster band. The Swim single didn’t stand out.  It was unmemorable.  It was throw-away.  But it’s not anymore.  In the context of the 10 tracks on their debut album, Astro Coast, it is a necessary piece.  In fact, I am really digging the song now.

These kids wear their influences on their sleeves and those influences cover the spectrum.  First to come to mind is The Pixes meets Dick Dale.  Then you start hearing the Vampire Weekend sounds.  Then Beach Boys.  Then, surprisely enough, singer John Paul Pitts starts to sound like Greg Attonito from The Bouncing Souls.

I don’t know if this album will stand the test of time or if it will even break these Floridians out of the hipster circle, but it’s a lot of fun and worth checking out.