Found Stuff:Label – Woodsist

Woodsist is a record label founded by Jeremy Earl of the band Woods.  This label has been coming up more and more within my reading-circles on the web.  The first release I heard on Woodsist was Woods’ Songs of Shame, which actually made my Best of 2009 list.  This label put out the first releases by bands like Wavves, Vivian Girls and Kurt Vile, before they went on to sign with larger labels.  They also put out albums and 7inches by The Mayfair Set, Ganglians, Thee Oh Sees and Crystal Stilts.  It seems they focus within extremely lo-fi circles with an emphasis on folk and punk.  I would be lying if I said I liked everything I heard on Woodsist.  In fact, I can’t stand Wavves noise-rock and Ganglians just don’t grabbed me.  But I am very much into Woods lo-fi folk and think Vivian Girls and Kurt Vile have put out some awesome material.  The reason I am bring this up now is after quite a few listens, I am getting hooked on Real Estate‘s self-titled debut album, which is out on Woodsist.  So anyway, check out Woods and Real Estate and keep an eye on Woodsist and it’s sister cassette-distributor, Fuckittapes.

Woodsist Records