New Tom Waits Album?

The New York Times post an article right before Christmas in which Tom says it’s possible he will release a new album this year.  But he also said he might be making shit up.  Good to see he hasn’t changed.  The good news is that Kathleen Brennan is involved, so those rumours about them splitting were false.  The movie in which he plays the Devil, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,  has been released in select cities (but not here in Denver) and he will also have a part in the upcoming The Book of Eli. All good news for Tom Waits addicts such as myself.

Here are some typical Waits quotes from the article.

“Anything I would tell you right now, I would just be making it up.”

“You write two songs and you put them in a room together and they have offspring.”

“Whether you’re recording on a little hand-held tape recorder or with a $1,000 microphone, it’s all the same drama: Oh my God, we’re going to do something here.”

“It’s like diamond-cutting or hunting for bear or dropping out of a tree. Sometimes, it’s like ping-pong. Other times it’s like operating on a flamingo. Every song’s different. Some are like empty swimming pools, and you’ve got to be the water.”

New York Times article