Found Stuff:EP – Moonface – Dreamland:marimba and shit-drums

Spencer Krug. Lead singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for the amazing Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown.  Also a member of Swan Lake and a former member of Frog Eyes and the now defunct Fifths of Seven.  He has been called the next Thom Yorke (by me).  He is the single human being on the planet that might be more prolific than Lil’ Wayne, and now, like Lil’ Wayne, he is giving his music away.  This time under the name Moonface.  Just like all his other bands, the only thing this material has in common with his other work is his voice.  ‘marimba and shit-drums’ does kind of explain it, but you’ll have to listen to get a good idea.  This EP comes as a single 20 min track.  You can download it for free or pay in the Radiohead pay-what-you-want model.  I downloaded it for free but now that I know how good it is, I will order the vinyl release.

Moonface (via scdistribution)