Rewind: The Cubists – Mechanical Advantage (2009)

I put this under the Rewind heading because this album came out last year, but I could have listed it under New Artist Discovery.  Evidently this Irish band has been around since 2006, but this is the first I am hearing from them.  Not sure where this album came from but just got around to listening to it recently and it’s really good.  There are a lot of influences here and they range from Radiohead to My Morning Jacket.  They remind me of The Rosebuds meets Fugazi on some tracks and just like Postal Service on others.  The styles change drastically from track to track but the album does not seem broken.  It flows perfectly.

Searching the internet for information on these guys doesn’t turn up much.  They do have a website with some good information.  Their and lala profiles have a few songs but no real information and they don’t exist on any of the websites or blogs I follow.

Check out a couple of their songs I found out there and let me know what you think.

The Orchestra Breathes

Mechnical Advantage