Metacritic’s Best of 2009

Metacritic compiles reviews and ratings from a variety of music websites and gives them a metascore.  This seems like a cool idea, but it is flawed in a variety of ways.  Unlike IMDB, they don’t take ‘normal’ people’s opinion into consideration…only critics.  They also pick and choose what they want to include.  It’s mostly indie rock/pop but they also cherry pick releases by country, punk, r&B and metal artists.   The problem with this is that it puts artists like  Brad Paisley way up on the list even though there were hundreds of country artists who put out better albums that were more critically acclaimed, but not included on Metacritic.  The 2nd flaw is that one or two critics can tank a release or make it soar to the top.  But anyway, even though it’s not perfect, it’s still fun to check it out each year.  (they also do it for television, movies and games)

Metacritic Best Music of 2009