Rewind: Bear in Heaven – Beast Rest Forth Mouth (2009)

I first came across Bear in Heaven in October of 2009.  The first I heard from them was the single Lovesick Teenagers which was quickly followed by Wholehearted Mess.  They are a 4-man group led by Jon Philpot and are part of the prolific Brooklyn scene. The songs on their debut release remind me of Animal Collective meets The Big Pink with some MBV thrown in.  They are experimental with electronic elements and quite a bit of sex appeal.  You can tell these guys don’t take themselves as seriously as AC or Grizzly Bear.  This is great, because I don’t think they have the raw talent of either of those bands, which just makes them more fun.  This album flows from fuzzy shoegaze to sleepy dream-pop to tracks you could actually dance to.  At first I just didn’t think BRFM stood up to those first two singles, but after multiple listens I am really enjoying this album.  Start with those singes and then work your way into the album…give it at least 3-4 listens (at least one through headphones) and let me know what you think.